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About Rational Veterinary Medicine

The Rational Veterinary Medicine Movement – the campaign, the websites, the lobbying of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons – is about one thing and one thing only: the welfare of animals.

We believe that homeopathy in particular, of all the forms of CAVM, harms animals. Not directly – afterall, homeopathic remedied are just sugar, water or occasionally drops of alcohol – but indirectly when they are used in place of proper veterinary medicine, instead of vaccination for instance, or to treat serious diseases such as cancer, epilepsy and diabetes, and also when homeopathic practitioners exaggerate the risks of conventional, science-based medicines.

The best way to do this is to counter the claims and arguments of those who promote and profit from homeopathy – the practitioners themselves. Some of the arguments they use sound convincing on first hearing, but after a little thought they can be seen for what they are, bogus. They will distort the truth by cherry-picking evidence, and claiming research shows an effect of homeopathy when on closer inspection and after putting personal bias to one side it is clear they do nothing of the sort.

And that is what the Rational Veterinary Medicine movement is all about. It will never be possible to convince dyed-in-the-wool homeopaths about how science really works and that it’s not a personal slight to point out we are all subject to cognitive errors which affect our judgement. But for those who are genuinely interested in learning the whole story behind homeopathy and other CAVMs, or who thinks there might possibly be something in it then this is the place to find the real truth behind the hype!