Rational Veterinary Medicine?

If you like the ideas behind Rational Veterinary Medicine then why not read ‘No Way to Treat a Friend: Lifting the Lid on Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Medicine‘ by Niall Taylor and Alex Gough. Ten years in the planning and two years in the writing, this is a unique exposé of the flawed thinking and damaging practices which underpin the complementary and alternative medicine which is inflicted on our animal companions. Animals have no say, they trust and rely entirely on us, their carers, to do the best for them when it comes to medical choices – this work is a counterweight to the misinformation and uncritical acceptance which surrounds us, in order to fully inform that decision.

Readable, informative and illustrated throughout with real cases from veterinary practice, ‘No Way to Treat a Friend‘ is now available to buy from 5M publishers and also from Amazon and all good booksellers.

Rational Veterinary Medicine

A movement which has at its core the simple conviction that veterinary medicine should be rooted in rational, scientific principles. This sounds obvious enough, but a small group of practitioners of complementary and alternative veterinary practitioners have other ideas and promote pseudoscientific beliefs which have more in common with magic than the real world. This causes harm both directly and indirecly to our animal patients and we believe they deserve better.